• Basic trigger job to smooth and lighten pull
  • Install after-market trigger
  • Install after-market AR parts
  • Drill and tap receiver/barrel for scope mounts
  • Tune extractor
  • Polish chambers and bores
  • Re-barrel/Re-crown/Re-contour
  • Accurizing/Glass Bed/Steel Bed
  • Sporterize Military Action
  • National Match Modifications/Garand/M1A/M14


  • Shotgun scope/receiver sight Installation
  • Install screw-in chokes (12ga & 20ga)
  • Raise barrel dents
  • Install shotgun bead sights
  • Install recoil reducer
  • Stock adjustment available, length, height and cast.

Semi-Auto Pistols

  • Reliability package job for carry guns
  • 1911 work, including fitting of beaver tail safety, hammers, triggers. safeties, barrels and slide stops
  • Trigger Jobs
  • Throat chamber and polish barrel
  • Installation of after market parts on Glocks, Springfield, S&W, Colt, Walter and many more.
  • Polish breech face/firing pin channel
  • Install sights, including night sights and staked on 1911 sights.


  • Double Action trigger jobs and action tuning
  • Chamfer cylinder wall to facilitate speed loaders
  • Polish cylinder walls to aid extraction
  • Bob hammers
  • Straighten bent crane or extractor rod
  • Replace barrels
  • Installation of new sights, regular of night sights (including pinned)
  • Grip installation

All General Service and repair for semi-auto pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles including diagnosing the issues, formulating the solution and repairing the firearm.

Ultrasonic cleaning/Rust removal available on all firearms.

Other services upon request.

We also offer stuck case removal, barrel obstructions and jammed live round removal.

Written appraisals and Insurance quotes are also available.